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The Shape of Air

The Shape of Air
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The air we breathe is a potpourri of odors and fumes from soaps, perfumes, sprays, polishes, foods, perfumes, flowers, garbage, chemicals and living bodies of every sort. Even while we sleep, the scent of our facial creams, body oils or laundered sheets is directly under our noses. Nevertheless, we tend to take not much notice to all but the most obvious effects of this constant olfactory bombardment.
In Ayurveda, the five senses are all important in the balancing of the doshas. Smells have a primal influence. The nose is the gateway to the brain. Every scent we inhale exerts a direct influence on the mind and emotions. At the same time, all odors ride into the body on the breath, which also carries the life force, prana. In this way, the nose is also a gateway to consciousness. For these reasons, Ayurveda is concerned equally with what we breathe.
Aromatherapy diffuser is an AHMazing addition to your home or workplace for a multitude of benefits and can improve the quality of your life. On a very obvious and practical level, it eliminates odor. It can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, aids in body and mind relaxation. It could aid in calming emotions and boosts concentration. The hundreds and sometimes thousands of biochemical components found in pure essential oils boost your immune system and improve respiratory health. It generally can improve your mood, increase energy and well being. 
As the Damians state in Aromatherapy: Scent and Psyche, the essence creates balance biochemically, electromagnetically and hormonally, working with the body's subtle intelligence and talking "chemical to chemical, charge to charge, phytohormone to human hormone." The essence itself - the fragrance - extracted from the plants carries the life force of the plant, and adds its life and intelligence to our body when we inhale it. 
Natural scents in Ayurvedic principles not only give instant sensual pleasure but also enliven the mind and balance the subtle energies of the body.