For founder Lorena Calma, yoga has always been more than a ritual, a sanctuary for over a decade.

The idea of the company came into being during a sabbatical in India, shortly after she received her teacher certification in hatha yoga. It just made sense to merge her passion for yoga and her natural love to design. 

Awakened Heart and Mind "AHM" comes from the sanskrit word bodhicitta.

The awakening of the heart - mind is the human experience of enlightenment which is in fact our true nature and condition. When our physicality aligns with the higher consciousness, we awaken to who we truly are, why we are here and why we do what we do.

In 2015, AHM was born in New York City.

The first yoga collection sold out online through our e-shop and other e-commerce platforms.

Our gestures define who we are.

Every stage of the process matters. Every choice is deliberate. Every action is intentional. Every move is aligned with our philosophy and intention.

We co-create with manufacturers who practice environmental friendly and humanitarian employment standards.

We develop our own fabrics with our manufacturers using the best combination of high grade fibers that meet a luxurious feel on the skin, comfort during the practice and high performance with the movements of the body.

We keep things simple.

Luxury is not about excess but about excellence.