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Bring The Wellness In

"The human spirit needs places where nature has been rearranged by the hand of man."  Unknown

With Spring in the air, and quarantine put in place. Being confined indoors can really give us the cabin fever too soon. So if we can't be outdoors, then why not bring it inside the home. The great outdoors has a natural appeal to humans and has always been the goto to unwind and relax. Nature makes us feel refreshed and calm, and improves tiredness, fatigue or depression. 

Prepare to turn your interior into an indoor green house. Plants have an abundance of stress relief benefits that bring all kinds of natural healing right into your home whether in your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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Cutting some single stems of greens or flowers from your garden or plant boxes and just adding a single stems grouping several vases can bring some more freshness in and purifies the air.

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Recycling old water, wine or perfume bottles and blending them with your flower vases to create a beautiful blend of shapes. 

Plants have a natural way to heal and help with anxiety and stress. Its a natural air purifier and calms the senses. 

Once you receive the powerful anti-anxiety benefits of plants, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Here are some best house plants for anxiety.

12 Powerful House Plants For Anxiety and Stress

  • Pothos are great for beginners
  • Succulents to be stress-free 
  • Peperomia Obtusfolia are magical
  • Air plants for anxiety relief
  • Bird's nest fern for falling foliage
  • Philodendron for removing toxins in the air
  • Calathea for extremely purified air
  • ZZ plants remove compelling amounts of toxins
  • Snake plants to boost energy
  • Hoya heart for abundance of self love
  • Money plant for reduced anxiety and disagreements
  • Parlor palm for removing anxiety causing toxins